303-70 Carepoint Hail set of 70 pieces

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009. Special rod L-900mm/35,4″, Ø-8mm/0,3″
016. Door hook (right) L-450mm/17,7″, Ø-6mm/0,2″
017. Door hook (left) L-450mm/17,7″, Ø-6mm/0,2″
024. Hood rod (right) L-600mm/23,6″, Ø-8mm/0,3″
025. Hood rod (left) L-600mm/23,6″, Ø-8mm/0,3″
027. Hood rod (left) L-250mm/9,8″, Ø-4mm/0,15″
026. Hood rod (right) L-250mm/9,8″, Ø-4mm/0,15″
30-2. Wire Hand Tools L-90mm/3,5” , Ø -7mm/0,3”
052. Hail interchangeable tip rod L-1000mm/39,3″
057. Hail interchangeable tip rod L-750mm/29,5″
262А. Shaved tools L-600mm/23,6″
327A.Whale tale with adjustable handle L-625mm/24,6″, tip width – 20mm/0,8″
332. Whale tale L-110mm/4,3″, with – 30mm/1,2″
337A. Whale tale with adjustable handle L-750mm/29,5″, tip width – 30mm/1,2″
410. Rod with adjustable handle L- 250 mm/9,8”, Ø -4mm/0,15”
505. Rod with adjustable handle L-330mm/13″, Ø-5mm/0,2″
508. Rod with adjustable handle L-280mm/11″, Ø-5mm/0,2″
609. Rod with adjustable handle L-380mm/15″, Ø-6mm/0,24″
610. Rod with adjustable handle L-380mm/15″, Ø-6mm/0,24″
612 R. Rod with adjustable handle (hand right) L-450mm/17,7″, Ø-6mm/0,24″
613 L. Rod with adjustable handle (hand left) L-450mm/17,7″, Ø-6mm/0,24″
716-T. Rod with adjustable T-handle L 500 mm/19,7”, Ø -7mm/0,3”
717. Rod with adjustable handle L 650 mm/25,5” Ø -7mm/0,3”
718. Rod with adjustable handle L 780 mm/30,7” Ø -7mm/0,3′
805. Rod with adjustable handle L-580mm/22,8″, Ø-8mm/0,3″
807. Rod with adjustable handle L-630mm/24,8″, Ø-8mm/0,3″
808. Rod with adjustable handle L-630mm/24,8″, Ø-8mm/0,3″
809-T. Rod with adjustable T-handle L 580 mm/22,8”, Ø -8mm/0,3”
911-T. Rod with adjustable T-handle L 750 mm/29,5”, Ø -9mm/0,35”
912-T. Rod with adjustable handle L-950 mm/37,4”, Ø-10mm/0,4”
217. Door shield 450х250mm/17,7-9,8″
219. Door strap
220. Aluminum hood prop, L-370-610mm/14,6-24″
221. Rope ratchet, 1/8″
222. S-hooks
201. Interchangeable metal tip “SPHERE”, 5/16″, M8
202. Interchangeable fluoroplastic tip “SPHERE”, 5/16″, M8
203. Interchangeable rubber tip “SPHERE”, 5/16″, M8
204. Interchangeable metal tip “CONE”, 5/16″,M8
205. Interchangeable fluoroplastic tip “CONE”, 5/16″,M8
206. Interchangeable rubber tip “CONE”, 5/16″,M8
207. Interchangeable metal tip «CONE” sharp, 5/16″,M8
208. Interchangeable rubber tip «MUSHROOM»,5/16″, М8
209. «Extension for interchangeable tips 20mm», 5/16″,M8
210. «Extension for interchangeable tips 20mm», 5/16″,M8
212. Flurorplastic knockdown with titan tip, L-120mm/4,7″
213. Flurorplastic knockdown for the interchangeable tip, L-120mm/4,7″
223. Carepoint PDR Fluoroplastic knockdown, L-120мм
252. Hammer L-430mm/17″, 5/16, M8
241. Glue sticks, 1kg/2,2 lb
250. Slide hammer, L-440mm/17″, 1150 g/2,5lb
218-2. Wooden wedge, L-200mm/7,9″
6. Glue Tabs Ø16mm
7. Glue Tabs Ø22mm
8. Glue Tabs Ø 27mm
9. Glue Tabs Ø32mm
10. Glue Tabs □15mm
11. Glue Tabs □21mm
12. Glue Tabs □27x27mm
13. Glue Tabs Δ22x22mm
14. Glue Tabs Δ28x28mm
15. Glue Tabs □10x20mm
16. Glue Tabs □16x32mm
17. Glue Tabs Ø40mm/1,6″
27. Glue tabs Ø12mm/0,5″
28. Glue tabs Ø16mm/0,6″
30. Glue tabs Ø28mm/1,1″
31. Glue Tabs Ø32mm/1,2″
LSB11. PDR LED Big Lamp with 6 strips, 36″
LSB2. PDR LED lamp with 6 strips, 390×200 mm


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  1. José Antonio Guimera palomo

    Hola estoy interesado en comprar este Kim de herramientas pero el envío es muy caro es posible comprarlo desde europa ?

    Gracias un saludo

    José Antonio Guimera palomo

    • Sergey Smolentsev

      Buenas tardes. Listo para entregar un kit Carepoint con entrega gratuita. Avíseme si el pedido sigue siendo relevante.

      Sergey Smolentsev



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