Tom Price makes a review of Carepoint double-bent hook 605A. Episode #12 Leave a comment

Carepoint whale tail 605A with an adjustable handle. A tool with a double-bent tip that is really convenient for paintless dent removal work. In the USA market this tool is often named 'Terry tool' after Terry Seagal, who actively populalized this type of hooks. The adjustable handle is very convenient to release the tention in my shoulder, as I can easily find the optial angle. There are 26 positions to choose, and the handle can actually rotate by 360 degrees. The ratchet mechanism is very precise and there is practivally no lag, that is great as I have the correct power feedback from the tip to the handle. The two bents (with 45 degree angle each) allow to reach the dents in a very flexible way. I will show the use of this tool on a car in the next video. I have 15 tools in my car. And this tool is always in my 'must have' set. This is a very nice tool that should be in your box, too.

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